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Healthcare Design

This project focused on the psychology and physical use of each space by the patients and staff at a physical therapy rehabilitation center. The design concept for this project focused on Movement, Order, Composition, Stimulation and Community.

Healthcare Presentation

Perspectives & Materials

The physical therapy space is an open space that allows for the nursing staff and patients to work together. The space is situated in front of an exterior garden which allows for views to the garden and sunlight to flood the space; this allows for the psychology use of nature in the acceleration process in rehabilitation in a patient. 

Section of physical therapy space and corridor.

Section of reception space and main corridor of the rehabilitation center.

Rendered floor plan of patient room.

Patient rooms were designed with a built in wall feature which allows for the medical equipment to be held behind elegant panels. Studies show that the less amount of medical equipment that is in view of the patient reduces stress.

The material pallet included natural materials, transparency and wood veneers.The color palette added the vibrant appeal to the space.


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