Priscilla Gonzalez Interior Design Portfolio and Work

Interior Design Portfolio

Corporate Office Design

This project consisted of creating a unique and creative environment for an Architecture and design firm.

Corporate Office Design Presentation


Perspectives and Elevation/Sections

Cross Section of the two floor architecture/design firm

The open office work space was design for ease in communication between co-workers, allowing for the office environment to work as a collaborative team. Throughout the space, metal walls are placed to act as a "pin-up" board where designers can review their work with other.

A small meeting room with the same concept of the above section. The wall is designed with a metal magnetic "pin-up" space for designers to review their work.

Large surface areas allow for design teams to review and edit their work.

Hallway for the display of the office past design work.

Administration offices with library

Office restroom facility, designed with luxury, comfort and privacy in mind.


Materials & Model

The material palette for the design consist of bright vibrant materials with texture & graphics which contribute to the concept of the design.

Entrance and main corridor of the design firm. With the concept in mind, the space allows for a playful display of works, logos, or other advertisements in the green surface. 


A small scale model which studies the illusion wall at the main corridor of the design firm.


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