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Animal Shelter Design

This project was dedicated to designing a shelter as a rescue facility located in Spain. The rescue shelter's mission was to save the lives of the Spanish Galgo, a breed of grey hound which are used for hunting as well as the rescue of other breeds and animals.

Video Presentation

The following video is a presentation done for my Design 8 Animal Shelter project. The video demonstrates the violence and cruelty animal suffer in the case of Galgo abuse in Spain. The video also describes my approach, concept and shelter design on contributing to the rescue mission in saving these animals.

Warning: Video contains strong content.


Animal Shelter Design Presentation


The dog kennel design allows for a vibrant pop of color to enhance the excitement of potential dog owners when searching for the right pet.

The play room for when a potential dog owner chooses to meet with a pet and observe its behavior. The room allows for a playful environment for individuals or families with small children. The room also serves as an educational facility in order to teach potential pet owners about their future pet.

The main entrance of the shelter serves as a museum in order to educate and teach the visiting population about the abuse of the Galgos.

A media center in the museum portion of the shelter allows for individuals to further enhance their knowledge of the Galgos and the animal shelter.

The lobby area serves as the main location to adopt pets and recieve information about the shelter. This area also serves as a retail space for the purchase of pet supplies.

The courtyard area serves multiple purposes. It serves as an exterior training ground for the canine training facility in the shelter, it also serves as an exterior playground for potential pet adopters to interact with the animal of their choice.

The exterior courtyard is separated by a water feature. The water feature not only engages the design concept, but also helps lead an individual from the arrival administration building into the adoption and kennel building.

The main entrance of the canine adoption center. Allows entry to the main and second level of the canine adoption section.


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